An ACIDIFIER is a substance capable of separating in an aqueous solution and releasing protons (H+). Therefore, the more protons a product can provide, the more acidifying it is.

(ACIDIFIERS must not be confused with Preservative Premixes or with Intestinal Flora Regulators where we are interested in boosting the fraction of “non-separated” acid which is capable of penetrating the interior of micro-organisms and destroying them).

ACIDIFYING PREMIXES by DEX IBÉRICA are administered in food or drinking water and are mainly intended for improving DIGESTION as they are designed to provide a maximum of protons and decrease the pH of the stomach. This digestive action particularly benefits young animals that still have an immature digestive system and insufficient secretion of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Furthermore, the use of acidifiers improves the use of nutrients (by slowing down the passage of food and improving appetite) and improves the use of medicines.

Advantages to using acidifiers:
  • In young mammals, it helps speed up the weaning period and facilitates the change from milk to solid food.
  • Improves the use of fats, starch and proteins.
  • Facilitates the activation of pepsin in young animals with insufficient secretion of hydrochloric acid.
  • Slows down the passage of food, improving the use of dietary components.
  • Creates a barrier preventing micro-organisms from entering via oral route.

  • Improves the effectiveness of certain medicines.
  • Performs a synergistic action with antioxidants (creating a reserve of protons which are used to regenerate the antioxidant used).
  • In ruminants, it reduces the generation of gases.
  • In drinking water, in addition to the advantages indicated, it improves water quality and cleans and descales installations. (Having acidified water is a huge advantage for the animal’s HEALTH as it is an excellent vector for cleansing the digestive tract).