These are additive premixes that are capable of reducing contamination of food by mycotoxins by either eliminating or reducing the absorption of mycotoxins, promoting their excretion or modifying their mode of action.

Depending on their mode of action, these additives react by reducing the bioavailability of mycotoxins (adsorbent) or breaking them down or transforming them into less toxic metabolites (biotransformers).

They may also include metabolic agents that help the animal metabolise absorbed mycotoxins, enhancing the natural detoxification mechanisms (glutathione precursor).

DEX IBÉRICA has designed a range of anti-mycotoxin premixes to protect animals from the major mycotoxins. These premixes have been tested by Specialised Universities and Laboratories and therefore Dex Ibérica can provide proof of the effectiveness of its products in “in vitro” and “in vivo” tests, at different pHs and in different animal species.