Implementing an HACCP system provides advantages given that it renders the production process very practical and efficient. When basing food innocuousness solely on testing the final product (quality control), many “non-compliances” will be detected and in turn very high costs will be generated as a result of producing the “non-compliant” product, removing it from the market and reprocessing it.

The HACCP system is based on prevention and the immediate consequence of its application is the elimination or reduction of “non-compliances” to minimal levels. Therefore, the method for guaranteeing that food put into circulation is innocuous is by requiring the implementation of an HACCP system.

DEX IBÉRICA has been working under the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system for many years and not only is the system implemented in its production process but DEX IBÉRICA also collaborates in implementing the system in its customers’ factories.

In addition to offering advisory and HACCP system implementation services, DEX IBÉRICA can directly control microbiological dangers by carrying out critical control points, checking surveillance activities, calibration, equipment inspection and in general the application of control measures and corrective actions. In short, by certifying VERIFICATION and validating the system.