Fungal and bacterial contamination: a preventable threat

Fungal and bacterial contamination: a preventable threat

Contamination by fungi and bacteria from raw materials and feeds is a risk factor for animal health and a serious threat to the productivity of any farm.

Raw materials and feeds are exposed to contamination by fungi, bacteria and other biological agents during production, harvesting, transport, storage and distribution. Factors such as high temperatures, humidity, presence of oxygen, storage time, the physical state itself of feeds and use of contaminated machinery and facilities may promote the development of fungi and bacteria in all types of feed.

The presence of fungi and bacteria leads to a number of problems that may seriously affect animal health and compromise livestock farm productivity.

Problems resulting from contamination by fungi and bacteria

Nutritional problems
• Loss of nutrients
• Poor preservation of feed and deterioration of the flavour and smell due to mold

Health problems
• Diseases and feed poisoning
• Fermentation of feed and growth of bacteria

Industrial problems
• Losses due to physical degradation of feed and dust formation
• Risk of problems and accidents while handling feed at factories due to dust formation

Efficacy that goes beyond conventional preservatives

Conventional preservatives are effective for controlling contamination by fungi and bacteria; nevertheless, treatments with those preservatives can be improved by new-generation preservatives that solve some of the drawbacks of the older ones, and which, in addition, supplement the sanitizing action with other beneficial effects in the animal itself.

Aspects to improve in treatments based on conventional preservatives

Increasing persistence by reducing volatility.
Avoiding rejection by increasing the palatability of the feed.
Reducing corrosiveness by preventing problems of handling and deterioration of materials and facilities.
Continuing its activity in animals by acting in the intestine.

The essential combination against mold and bacteria

biobac® is a preservative that works effectively against mold and bacteria and, because of the synergistic combination with cinnamaldehyde, extends its sanitizing activity throughout the animal’s digestive tract.

In turn, cinnamaldehyde acts by inhibiting the corrosive effects of propionic acid, thereby improving palatability and digestibility of feed, improving absorption of nutrients and regulating intestinal flora. That’s why biobac® is also an excellent stimulant of production.

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