Contamination by fungi: a preventable threat

Contamination by fungi: a preventable threat

Contamination by fungi and bacteria of raw materials and feeds is a risk factor for animal health and a serious threat to the productivity of any farm. Therefore, eliminating their presence in feed and in the storage and distribution chain is a priority objective. To achieve it, applying a safe, effective antifungal treatment is essential. 

Problems resulting from contamination by fungi and bacteria 

Health problems

• Mycotic diseases
• Diseases caused by mycotoxins
• Fermentation of feed and growth of bacteria
• Food-borne diseases and food poisoning (salmonella poisoning, etc.)

Nutritional problems

• Loss of nutrients
• Poor preservation of feed
• Worsening of flavour and aroma due to mold

Industrial problems

• Losses due to physical degradation of feed and formation of dust
• Risk of problems and accidents while handling feed at factories due to formation of dust 

Preliminary treatment of facilities and foodstuffs with a long-lasting antifungal product is a good measure for controlling problems of fungal contamination. These treatments, in addition to guaranteeing that food is free of substances that could affect the health or performance of animals, must also ensure that
it preserves its nutritional properties, as well as its aroma and taste. 

A critical point in the production chain

Fungal contamination is a significant risk and a critical control point (CCP)for animal feed companies that have introduced procedures based on HACCP* principles.

To ensure that the production and distribution of foods remains within the critical points throughout the chain, in companies that use HACCP processes,the systematic, ongoing application of antifungal treatments is essential, and in addition to being efficient and long-lasting, they must be economically viable.

* Since 2005, the application of procedures based on HACCP principles has been a legal requirement for all animal feed companies in the European Union.

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