For antibiotic-free animal production

For antibiotic-free animal production

Administering antibiotics in sub-therapeutic doses combined with feeds for animals to promote growth and improve the efficacy of feed is a practice that has been used in many countries for years, mainly due to its high efficacy and good results in terms of increased production.

The efficacy of using antibiotics as growth promoters is due to the fact that their presence in feeds promotes control over bacterial flora, which leads to better nutrient use.

The problem is that this practice is not free from risks and disadvantages associated to its use and abuse. This is why it is now regulated in many countries. 

isks of using antibiotics in animal nutrition 

Problems for the animal

• They create bacterial resistance and decrease immune resistance in animals
• They can cause side effects
• They can lead to contraindications and incompatibilities with other treatments
• Using antibiotics requires a withdrawal period

Problems for humans

Bacterial resistance is a risk because it reduces the efficacy of drug treatments.

• Potential allergic reactions 

The danger of bacterial resistance


Bacteria are naturally present in the intestine of all animals


Regular use of antibiotics kills susceptible bacteria but not more resistant bacteria

Resistant bacteria

More resistant bacteria multiply and propagate through the environment and feeds

Resistant infections

Resistant bacteria reach the general population through different routes and cause antibiotic- resistant infections.

In the interest of healthier, more natural and higher- quality production, the synergistic combination of organic acids and inorganic acids is offered as an excellent alternative to antibiotics, since it not only achieves equally good results in stimulating production, but also does so without the problem of bacterial resistance, improves digestibility, and effectively controls enterobacteria, clostridia and other bacteria.

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