Looking to the future: dex ibérica’s new image

Looking to the future: dex ibérica’s new image

We live in a changing environment in which everything is rapidly evolving, in which globalisation makes the distant near, in which the internet has become, among many other things, the great medium of communication, and in which companies must pay more attention than ever to their corporate image.

We’re aware of this reality and that our corporate image had not evolved at the same rhythm as the company has. Thus, we’ve decided this year, enthused by the celebration of dex ibérica’s 30th anniversary, to make a firm commitment to renewing and enhancing our corporate image, because we’re aware of the need to have a brand with which we feel perfectly identified. A powerful, modern brand that, in addition to properly transmitting the company’s values, contributes to reinforcing our position as a leading brand on the competitive international market.

The new corporate image is an across-the-board change that includes everything from the redesign of the logo and the group’s brands, to the total rethinking of advertising styles and the company’s entire communicative activities. In terms of graphics, the renovation revolves around the redesign of the logo. The current one is a conceptual evolution of the previous logo. It keeps the tricoloured symbol, but now, the coloured lines that made up that circular shape, have become spheres that, as molecular elements, make up a much larger sphere. Just as with the old logo, it comprises a totality made up of different components, a mixture of elements alluding to the mixtures and premixes that dex ibérica produces.

Along the line set out by the new logo, a corporate identity programme has been developed that seeks to provide maximum unity in all of the company’s communications, and that tries to transmit at all times a serious, spruced up and elegant image that generates trust and credibility and that helps to connect the brand and its products unequivocally with the sector of the production of complements for animal feed.

Now, more than ever, dex ibérica conveys the image of being a solid, international, modern and avant-garde company that is facing the future with renewed momentum.