dex ibérica’s 30th anniversary

dex ibérica’s 30th anniversary

30 years investigating and developing innovative solutions. 30 years manufacturing and distributing top quality products. 30 years changing and growing alongside our customers. 30 years providing smart solutions for animal nutrition. 30 years of experience lived with passion and dedication. 30 years that make us re-live the excitement we had when we first started…

dex ibérica’s business project started in 1983 when a group of professionals with ample experience in the industry decided to join forces and know-how to create a company capable of providing new ideas to improve the livestock industry’s problems within the field of animal nutrition. Three years later, in 1986, the company started manufacturing and marketing its first products under the dex ibérica brand. In 1995, with its position firmly rooted in the national market, the company started a progressive stage of international expansion that, over time, led it to become a solid business group and to occupy a prominent place on the international stage. Currently, dex ibérica has production plants in Spain and the Dominican Republic, and can be found in more than 50 countries via a broad network of business delegates and international distributors.

In the past 30 years, dex ibérica has progressively enlarged its offer of products and services, increased its personnel, upgraded its facilities and equipment and, of course, also increased its sales and presence in the market. However, in all this time, no matter how much we’ve grown and changed, we’ve always kept that vision that guided us through our beginnings and continues to frame our business philosophy today: the commitment to professional excellence and the clear vocation of customer service.

Here at dex ibérica, we’ve always had a dual objective: on one hand, our desire is to develop top quality products, with avant-garde, innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions; and, on the other hand, our utmost commitment to our customers, offering them personalised advice and attention that enable us to provide, in each individual case, the answers that best adapt to their requirements.

Looking back, we can’t help but take pride in our evolution, and believe that it is the result of a trajectory that confirms a job well done and right on track. That glance backwards inspires us to face the future with more excitement than ever and with the confidence that with acquired experience backing us up, with our young trained professionals, with a renewed corporate image, and with the desire to continue growing alongside our customers, we’ll continue to be able to innovate and provide smart solutions for animal nutrition well into the years ahead.

Thanks to everyone for having made it all possible.