The egg, an extremely nourishing ingredient

The egg, an extremely nourishing ingredient

As well as being the star ingredient in endless delicious recipes, eggs contain far more nutrients than the majority of foods. Affordable in most countries, they are eaten all over the world and are extremely nourishing. That’s why egg consumption and production has been rising steadily for years, with more than 72 million tons produced by 2016.

Although they have a reputation for being high in cholesterol, they contain relatively few calories and have a beneficial fatty acid profile. Egg white contain high-quality, highly digestible protein, with a balanced amino-acid profile. The yolk contains varied substances. It is rich in fat and cholesterol with a high percentage of protein, easily-absorbable micro-minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.

An egg provides between 7 and 40% of the recommended daily doses of virtually all vitamins that the body needs to function correctly, particularly choline, folic acid and vitamins B12, D and A. They also contain micro-minerals that are crucial to good health such as zinc, selenium (that helps to protect cells against oxidative damage), iodine and iron. Beyond nutrition, eggs contain other valuable substances like antioxidants, anti-hypertensives and immunomodulators, among others.

Because eggs have an essential role feeding the world, they must be produced with care, and constant improvements are required to obtain higher quality eggs and better yields, so hen nutrition and management have an important role.

Laying hens must be fed correctly, otherwise both egg quality and animal health may suffer. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 are essential to healthy shell formation. They also need minerals like manganese, zinc and copper, which help to form the egg membranes.

Animal health is essential for optimal output, hence the importance of preventing diseases and stress, intestinal imbalance and intoxication.

At dex ibérica we are aware of all these factors and supply our customers with products and nutritional supplements to prevent these hazards.

Our products are carefully formulated and tailored to our customers’ individual needs to ensure that birds are never deficient. We also ensure that animals have a healthy intestinal tract. Our innovative products are based on organic acids and essential oils that protect the gut wall from pathogens so that the nutrients are better absorbed. Nor should we forget mycotoxins, commonly found on farms, which must be addressed and prevented by using wide spectrum adsorbents.

Additives combined with good management helps to reduce the incidence of these conditions and improve general animal health, thus increasing yield and raising quality. That’s why dex ibérica supplies an excellent catalogue of products, specific to each animal, occasion and customer.